An Old/New Camera

This article was originally supposed only to be my journal. But I then decided to post it here.

    An Old/New Camera

Written on 22 Feb. 2013

I was using SONY A550, a DSLR camera that was released at Q3 2009. I bought this camera in February 2010, precisely, 16 Feb. 2010. So I’ve been using this camera for exactly 3 years and 6 days.

Early as 2 years ago, I’d been planning to upgrade my camera. The A550 is an entry-level model. Though called “advanced entry-level”, it is still entry-level. As I enhanced my photography skills, I could gradually sense that this camera can no longer meet my growing standards.

It’s a good camera. I mean, at that time it has above par performance and reasonable price. And some features, like dual live view, 7 fps continuous shooting speed, gave it once a big advantage over its opponents——the entry-level DSLRs of Nikon and Canon. However the entry-level is such a thing, that as you do better over time, you will always find a reason to upgrade from it. It is just as the saying goes: Every photographer is a prodigal. The only thing that differs is how you persuade yourself to spend more money.

At that time such an upgrade seemed to be unrealistic. My only possible choice in the same system was SONY A700, an old mid-range camera that was released at Q3 2007, which stopped production just before A550 came out (The mid-range area of SONY was then left blank for more than two entire years until A77 was released. It’s really a strange strategy for a DSLR manufacturer). This means I could not get a brand new A700. But more importantly, I could not spend so much money in such a short period. I spent around 50 thousand NTD on my A550&lenses. And an A700 body, if brand new, will cost another 30 thousand, which was unacceptable.

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