【JPN-ENG Translation】ルルティア(RURUTIA)——ゆるぎない美しいもの

This is a HIGHLY EXPERIMENTAL translation based on my own principles.
It is directly translated from Japanese, and the Mandarin translation made by Windpaths is used as reference.
For I am not a native speaker of English language, this translation may have errors in diction, collocation and grammar everywhere.
If you would like to help me with this post, please feel free to leave a comment. I will be very appreciated.
Special thanks to Windpaths!

ルルティア(RURUTIA)——ゆるぎない美しいもの//The Unwavering Beauty

Composition: RURUTIA
Translation: Sam Fisher

広く穏やかな 深くたおやかな あなたは湖//Broad and calm, deep and graceful, you are a lake
その底へ吸い込まれて行く 私の想い//Gradually engulfed into that bottom, my fancy

青い悲しみも 赤い憎しみも あなたが消した//Blue sorrow, and red hate, it’s you that erase
透き通る心 ふたたび 与えてくれた//Crystal clear heart, the second time, to me you gave

間違った道程も あなたへつながっていた//Even the mistaken journey, is connected to you
やさしいその声は 暗闇の中 導く光//That gentle sound, is a guiding light, in the midst of darkness

ゆるぎない 美しいもの やっと この手の平に//The unwavering beauty, finally, in the palm of this hand
灯火を絶やさないように あたためあい生命 重ね合う//May the light not vanish, lives that warm each other, mutually overlap

奇跡はこんなに 側で起こっていた 気づけずにいた//Thus the miracle, happened by my side, I was not aware of it
今なら 小さなこの手でも 起こせる気がする//As for now, I feel that even this small hand, can also give rise to it

嵐を消し去り 星を呼びましょう あなたの水面へ//Drive off the storm, call out the stars, head towards your surface
その笑顔を見る為なら なんでも出来る//If it is to see the smiling face, no matter what, I can make

知ってるわ 永遠など 誰も与えられない//I know, that something like forever, no one is able to give
だから 紡ぎ続ける きらめいている この瞬間を//Therefore, keep on spinning, this sparkling moment

守るべき 大切なもの やっと この手の平に//The important thing that ought to protect, finally, in the palm of this hand
疑いは もう要らないの 二人が出会った その理由に//Doubt, is no longer needed, of the reason that two persons once met

ゆるぎない あたたかなもの あなたの手の平に//The unwavering warmth, in the palm of your hand
握りしめ 離さないでね 二つの身体が消えるまで//Hold firmly, do not loose it, until two bodies disappear

ゆるぎない 美しいもの やっと この手の平に//The unwavering beauty, finally, in the palm of this hand
抱き締めて 鼓動はひとつ 限りある生命を 重ね合う//Embrace tightly, heartbeats become one, let lives that have limit, mutually overlap



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